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Vessel Safety Checks

Champion Marine supports the U.S.Coast Guard's Vessel Safety Check (VSC) program, and Rick is a volunteer Vessel Examiner with the United States Power Squadron.

A vessel safety check is a courtesy examination of your boat to verify the presence and condition of certain safety equipment required by State and Federal regulations. Vessels that pass the inspection will be able to display the distinctive VSC decal (shown left).

For more information about the Vessel Safety Check program, visit the VSC website: or email [email protected]

Have you implemented Digital Selective Calling (DSC) on your VHF radio?

Did you know that every fixed mount VHF radio manufactured since 1999 has the capability to support the new Digital Selective Calling (DSC) feature? So what is DSC?  

Digital Seletive Calling provides every boat owner with a DSC-capable VHF radio the ability to transmit electronic distress calling with the push of a button. DSC also provides for pushbutton hailing and group calling.

To implement DSC on your radio you need a Mobile Maritime Service Identity (MMSI) number, which you can get FREE through the United States Power Squadron. 

BoatUS has a great tutorial on VHF/Digital Selective Calling. Click on the link and follow the directions to access this tutorial. 

Have you reviewed the new Texas Water Safety Act?

The Texas Water Safety Act Digest you have stored in your boat is out of date unless you downloaded the digest that was effective September 1, 2013. The Texas Water Safety Act is the boating laws and regulations for Texas waters, and gets updated every two years following the biennial session of our legislature. Go to the link and download a copy of the current laws.

United States Power Squadron Education

Champion Marine's Rick Fisher is an active member and instructor with the Houston Sail and Power Squadron, and he invites you to look into the many public and USPS member boating education opportunities offered by the United States Power Squadron. Visit the USPS education website for more information.

Have you thought about getting your Captain's License?

Champion Marine's Rick Fisher is a US Coast Guard approved instructor for Capt. Roy's Marine Training Center. Capt. Roy's has been providing instruction and testing for the last 15 years to those wanting to get their Captain's license. For more information and the schedule of upcoming classes, go to Capt. Roy's website.