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            Marine Surveys and Boat Appraisals 
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Marine Surveyors of Power and Sailboats 
in the Houston, Galveston, Clear Lake and 
Southeast Texas areas.

Pre-Purchase Surveys - Insurance Surveys - Appraisal Inspections
Damage Inspections - Vessel Safety & Operations Training - 

Why Hire a Surveyor?
  • When purchasing a vessel:  to find structural and safety defects, evaluate the condition of equipment, identify maintenance issues, to qualify the vessel for financing and insurance, and to aid in renegotiating the price.
  • To assess the vessel for insurance policy renewal or a new underwriter.
  • To ensure the vessel meets current safety standards.
  • To expedite the repair process in a damage claim.
  • To act as a mediator between you, the insurance compny, and the repair shop.
  • To ensure that repairs or restorations maintain the integrity of the hull (for resale value).

 And most importantly for the safety of you and your passengers!

At Champion Marine, we are dedicated to providing professional, timely, 
detailed and accurate information to our clients concerning the condition of 
marine vessels (boats and yachts).

Champion Marine, LLC
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